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Mantri Blossom - Overview

Mantri Blossom, opposite Lalbagh, cradled by nature.

Right opposite and gaping into the largest lung space in the city that is Lalbagh. Mantri Blossom is riveting residential tower soaring into the skies. With Luscious, elaborate units nestled in, community living takes a giant leap and a familiar face is just around the corner. Throw open your window and listen to the dulcet chirpings of variety of birds. Experience all your senses come into bloom as the pleasant aroma emanating from Lalbagh swivels its way into your private cocoon in an obligatory manner. A bouquet of world-class amenities including a, a Jacuzzi pool and a tennis court in addition to a clubhouse awaits your indulgence. With an abode boasting of only the finest of specifications, prepare to lead the lifestyle ripped right out of a King's diary. Come, encounter abundance.


Unit Details        
Type Area (sqft.)        
3 BHK 2560 to 2585        
3.5 BHK 3115 to 3165        
4 BHK 3835 to 3840        
5 BHK 5200 to 5920        
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