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  • Club house: Centrally Airconditioned
    • Health Club A well equipped Health Club
    • Gymnasium
    • Steam room (Separate for Ladies and Gents)
    • Sauna room (Separate for Ladies and Gents)
    • Massage room (Separate for Ladies and Gents)
    • Table Tennis Tables
    • Pool Table
    • Laundromat
  • Tele Medicine centre Tele: medicine and health room will be provided within the
    • Karaoke Room, Dance/Aerobics floor with music system
    • Multipurpose hall/Party Hall
    • Chess/carom and other indoor games
    • Library/reading room
     Concierge: Concierge manned by an experienced help desk through a tie up with
    well reputed agencies.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi Pool
  • Landscaped gardens and water features
  • Rain Water Harvesting scheme would be provided for recharging the ground water
    • Sewage effluent shall be treated and the treated effluent shall be used for flushing, HVAC and land scaping.
    • Organic waste converter shall be provided.
    • A portion of the common lights shall be powered by solar energy.
    • Building is designed as per IGBC Gold rated Green Buildings.
  • Helipad

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