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  • Location : Hennur Road,North Bangalore.
  • Development Type : Residential Apartments
  • Development Size : 2 acres Property -100 units-2Bhk ,2+Study ,3Bhk and 3+Study.
  • Number of Units : 100 Apartments

The foundation of the Symbiont Ethos is in the experiences of its Founders. From those experiences came moments of realization that defined not just "What to Do" but more importantly "The Way to Do". The Trust & Integrity of the Armed Forces Heritage and The Thought & Rigour of the Life Sciences Service laid the building blocks of this Ethos. The long years in these honorable fields have established & crystalized the core character of The Symbiont Way. Along with these positive experiences have been certain negative experiences which showed impurities in the way business is generally conducted. The innate instinct of Honour & Humanity have highlighted that such impurities need not exist. They can & should be filtered out with the sheer determination of The Symbiont Way.

Taking inspiration from the ideals of collaboration and synergy, the Symbiont Group aims to create value and provide services in an innovative and professional manner. With an emphasis on dynamism and attention to detail, the company derives its roots from years of dedicated training and a disciplined approach to work.

The Symbiont Group was founded in 2012 by Mr. Om Prakash and Dr. Surinder Kher with the aim of challenging conventional thinking and pushing the boundaries of potential. The combined skills and experience of its founders, with a decade in the defence forces and more than three decades of research and management, have created an organisation that believes in setting new benchmarks. Under the Symbiont Group, we have Symbiont Infra, Symbiont Facility Management, Symbiont Research and are working on developing a vertical dedicated to Information Technology. Although diverse in their nature, each of these businesses works under a symbiotic management system that balances the interests of each of the stakeholders and the community.

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