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  • Location :HM Grandeur, Opp. Tom's CafĂ©, Wheeler Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore-62,Karnataka,India
  • Development Type : Residential Apartments
  • Development Size : Approx. 1 Acre (25 floors)
  • Number of Units : Less than 100
  • Project Status : Under Construction
Most superior design floor plan with the highest levels of uncompromising cost efficiency in residential and commercial developments, at promising and preferred locations, has always been the strong fundamentals for HM to define the Bangalore skylines through its 57 projects developed in 23 years. Buoyed by the increase in the demand for such good homes, HM is committed to produce beautiful residences from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.15 crores. Several iconic projects are at various stages of construction progress, launch and planning across Bangalore. HM Group is a Trusted Name in Bangalore Living.


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