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about us

  • Location : #52, 2 Floor, 100 Ft Road, 4 Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034.
  • Development Type : Residential Apartments
  • Development Size : 0.46 Acres – 1 Residential Tower
  • Number of Units : 36 Apartments

Intact Developers India Pvt. Ltd. develops Boutique Apartments and Homes in select locations of Bangalore. We believe in delivering comfortable and quality living at affordable prices.
Intact Developer has a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. With an ambitious vision, distinct mission and the well-structured principles of the organization, the team works on a precise management philosophy to understand the core competence and to harness its strengths. The team at Intact Developers India Pvt. Ltd. has developed standard operating procedures and systems, which are unique in the industry.
Exploring and learning in order to share information acquired through research with customers and associates has been a constant and continuous effort. The organization strongly believes in the principles of quality, integrity and professional transparency.

We are invested in fulfilling your dreams by establishing lasting spaces, because we at Intact Developers India are in the business of Building Peace of Mind.

Intact has taken the utmost care to create luxury living at an affordable price in Boutique Constructions.

Intact believes in BUILDING PEACE OF MIND.

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