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The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) has awarded 92,902 sqm office tower, in the Brigade Gateway enclave, the status of a World Trade Center building.

World Trade Center Bangalore, at Brigade Gateway, will be part of the most respected international business community—through WTCA’s network of nearly 300 World Trade Centers in 100 countries, serving more than 750,000 affiliated businesses. The only other WTC building in India is in Mumbai.

The meaning of the World Trade Center brand

The World Trade Center brand, seen on some of the world’s most prestigious buildings, symbolises locally-focused economic strength in world commerce and is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, international business and trade. WTCs are powered by high value tenants, facilities and services. The ‘World Trade Center brand’ has two distinct components:

Component 1: The Building
A World Trade Center is a premier business address. It is a building or a complex of buildings housing the central World Trade Center staff as well as diverse range of tenants (public and private), the majority of which are involved in international commerce. The World Trade Center may be located in a tailor made new, special purpose structure or in a building that already exists. Anchored by a unique combination of tenants and visitors, a typical World Trade Center is usually a bustling hub of export activity.

Component 2: WTC Services
A WTC offers its members and tenants a wide range of facilities and services. Since WTC services are reciprocal, members can access them at all operating WTCs around the world. Services on offer include: trade information, education, WTC clubs, exhibit facilities, consulting services, administrative support, export/import assistance, special telecommunications systems, translation/interpretation, trade missions, office services, newsletters and trade policy research, among others. This enhances value, by making it easier for tenants and their clients to conduct ‘one stop shopping’. This added value also serves the building with investment-grade tenants, who are often leaders in international trade and commerce.



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